Smartlog 0.5 peer requirements

This chapter describes Smartlog 0.5 peer and client requirements that have to be filled before you can start Smartlog installation.


You must be registered to access Smartlog network. After registration, you will receive required configuration files, certificates and credentials to continue installation. Registration form can be filled at You will be contacted after sending the registration.

Hardware requirements

Suggested minimum server specs are:

2 CPU cores, 2GHz+
10GB free space

Server has to be dedicated in a sense that it is reserved for Smartlog only. Otherwise it can be bare metal, virtual machine etc. Reason for this is, that due to certain upstream design choices, some of the containers have to be run in privileged mode. Another reason is simple: as the blockchain grows, it can become very resource hungry. Single server is easier to manage in that regard.

Operating system and software requirements

RHEL 7 or CentOS 7 with extras repository enabled.
While we do not have strict operation system requirements other than a Linux distribution that can run Docker, we do our internal testing on RHEL 7. In other words, RHEL 7 or CentOS 7 is what we recommend and support.

Network requirements

A public IP-address and a domain name.
Inbound TCP+UDP traffic to ports 7051 and 7053 (HTTP/2, gRPC) allowed from any source.
Inbound TCP traffic to port 8080 (HTTP) allowed from internal network only.
Outbound TCP+UDP traffic allowed.

Domain name should be in form of or

If you do not have a domain name and/or cannot get one, we can provide your server a subdomain under

Version upgrades

If you are upgrading from previous version of Smartlog installation, take a look at upgrade notes if there are any additional steps you need to take.

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