Migration between releases

This page has instructions for required tasks before migrating from release version to another. With new installations, you can skip to installation instructions.

0.4.x to 0.5.0 or newer

Remove old version

0.4.x container has to be stopped before running the 0.5.0 installer. You can do this by manually by stopping and removing all containers using propentus-fabric-peer image, or alternatively use (it's safe to copy-paste) the following oneliner:

$ for ID in $(sudo docker ps -a | grep propentus-fabric-peer | cut -d' ' -f 1); do sudo docker kill $ID; sudo docker rm $ID; done

If you have multiple containers that use propentus-fabric-peer image, docker will output errors. Those can be safely ignored.

New firewall rule

Inbound TCP traffic to port 8080 (HTTP) from internal network must be allowed to access client API.

When these are done, proceed to installation instructions.

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