Overview of the Smartlog installation

This chapter describes Smartlog installation in greater detail.

Use bookmarks on the left to browse Smartlog installation documentation.

Overview of Smartlog components

Smartlog is delivered as a bunch of docker images, which are offered from our private registry at gitlab. These images are meant to run inside their own docker network, and all of them are required. These images are fabric-peer, fabric-client, fabric-couchdb and watchtower.


Fabric peer is the core image providing a peer that connects to blockchain. This is based on official Hyperledger fabric-peer but includes some improvements, automation as well as our inhouse developed chaincodes.


This is a regular CouchDB image that Hyperledger fabric uses. CouchDB acts as a ledger state database. We offer this image in our repository to control what version is used.


This is our own client application to peer and CouchDB which offers application programming interfaces to read and write data in blockchain.


Watchtower is used to poll our Docker registry and automatically update your containers to latest versions when they are released.

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