Smartlog Development Roadmap

Upcoming Versions

Before Next Version

Documentation updates here in Gitlab

Version 1.3

Scheduled approximately for week 33, 2018

Updates for APIs, Smartlog client and standards support

  • Smartlog API (parallel to the UBL API), input and output interfaces. Allows companies to add data to blockchain using a Smartlog standard API and attaching their own (standard or non-standard) message as part of the transaction. Works for companies using standards other than UBL (for example GS1).
  • Small improvements and fixes for packaging and Smartlog client

Version 1.4

Scheduled approximately for week 35, 2018

Smartlog Console UI updates and platform updates

  • Smartlog console UI updates for inputting information to blockchain through UI ..* Essential for the cloud peer solution so that companies can test Smartlog through client console without integrations
  • Hyperledger platform update investigations

Upcoming Releases

Next versions are scheduled approximately for weeks 40, 42, and approximately every two weeks after that.

At least the following functionalities are to be prioritized and developed as versions during the project. Versions and development schedules will depend on prioritization.

  • DBE Core API implementation for test use
  • Building ordering service for Smartlog blockchain network fault tolerance
  • Hyperledger version updates planning, testing and implementation for versions 1.1 and 1.2
  • Reporting API implementation (REST)
  • Automatic regression testing
  • Enhancing client and peer error logging capabilities
  • Smartlog UBL API JSON implementation
  • Further reqistration process automatization
  • Enhancing supply chain creation and update process
  • Enhanced reporting
  • Creating messaging models to alert companies on new events in the blockchain
  • Merging ready-made integrations to new versions

Released Versions

Version 1.2

Released week 32, 2018

Updates for Smartlog deployment models

  • Support for a "Cloud peer" solution a.k.a "Hosted Client and Peer with a Public API" network model. The cloud peer model allows customers to use Smartlog as a service. All that is needed is a customer certificate to access the APIs and an account to access client console.

Version 1.1

Released week 23, 2018

Updates for Smartlog blockchain data utilization and ease of use for companies in the network.

  • Smartlog client console implementation: a way to access data and make queries easily through a user interface, providing an alternative approach for using APIs
  • Publishing a demo network and some demo functionalities for client console for demonstrating main functionalities of the blockchain.

Version 1.0.1

Released week 21, 2018

Updates for version 1.0

  • Publishing a test network for testing new versions before publishing to pilot, continuous deployment support
  • Message buffer for clients to prevent data loss due to network or blockchain issues

Version 1.0

First pilot release including a valid data model for Smartlog network purposes and a fully functional data encryption model. Allows to build a network, gather real-life information and control data access.

  • Smartlog data model with corresponding smart contracts (for storing and queries)
  • Partly automated blockchain organisation registration
  • Supply chain management to control data access rights between different supply chains
  • Data encryption and security model implemented
  • Possibility for different deployment models (client, peer, endorsing peer)
  • UBL API updated
  • Version control and distribution models, automated update process, continuous deployment support

Version 0.9.4

  • Pilot UBL API to collect data from companies
  • Query API to retrieve own data from blockchain (inserted via UBL API)
  • Design and test version of data encryption and security model

Version 0.9.3

  • Updates and fixes on earlier versions

Version 0.9.2

  • Channel configuration change authorisation policy for Smartlog blockchain
  • Organisation registration form and process updated
  • Hyperledger Composer testing and evaluation

Version 0.9.1

  • Organisation management, authentication and member services for Smartlog blockchain
  • Organisation registration process and form for companies to express their interest on joining Smartlog blockchain
  • First version of Smartlog UBL API for testing

Version 0.9

First pilot release. A client package containing Hyperledger client and endorsing peer in the same package. Published for testing the network.

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