Smartlog is an EU funded Proof-of-concept platform for storing and providing shipment status information for all companies involved in the process. Blockchain technology is used to store transactions concerning shipments. By joining Smartlog network, you'll be a part of a next generation project to make the world a better place.

Documentation and Links

Use bookmarks on the left or the following links to browse Smartlog documentation.

Project Summary
Basic information about Smartlog project

Organisation Registration
In order to join your organisation to SmartLog, you need to register your organisation.

Installation Instructions
Step by step instructions to install Smartlog peer and client.

Smartlog UBL API (test version)
In addition to storing confidential data in a secure form, Smartlog aims to provide standardized methods for storing and retrieving data. UBL API is one of those methods. Based on UBL standard, the goal is to have a standard API which is highly pluggable and as easy to use as possible. Smartlog UBL API is the best way to connect your current systems to Smartlog network. This is a version of the UBL API and free to use for everyone interested joining the development.

Smartlog Development Roadmap
Timeline for Smartlog development project.

Pilot Tracking Program
Estonia pilot tracking program

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